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Hook 'em with the Hook Doctor! Easy on you...easy on your cattle.

The Hook Doctor was designed with the progressive cattleman in mind to safely and humanely control an animal's head by hooking the animal's cheek. Use the Hook Doctor for routine procedures like tagging, mouthing, administering boluses and catching or sorting calves.

The Hook Doctor is designed to assist in controlling an animal's head.

As with other restraint devices (nose tongs, etc.) it is only needed when specific situations arise. It was designed primarily for the purpose of mouthing cows.

Early feedback from cattlemen indicate that they are finding many other uses as well, which include: reading tattoos, reading bangs clips, changing tags on cows with horns and cows that throw their head a lot, administering boluses or tubes, and catching or sorting calves.

Due to the length of the hook there is a significant amount of leverage so brute force is not needed.