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Callicrate Banders . . . Humane Castration since 1991

Banding offers alternatives for later castration, faster gains and less stress. Compared to traditional castration, the banding process is much easier and less stressful on animals.

  • Non-Surgical procedure/BLOODLESS
  • Uninterrupted feed intake, conversion, and weight gain
  • Reduces incidence of water belly
  • Patented clip locks loop in place NO SLIPPAGE
  • Quick and easy to use, 10-15 seconds/animal
  • Works on any size animal
  • Increased performance
  • Humane, high-tension "WEE" loops take the place of highly stressful elastrator rings
  • Total ligation reduces stress
  • Only bander with correct tension for newborns
  • Safe, humane and chemical free method of velvet antler harvest
  • Effective control of bleeding
  • Provides analgesia equal to injected lidocaine
  • More consistent results, safer and esasier to administer
  • Results in fewer adverse behavioral reactions during antler removal